Growth hacking is a new name for an old game

This game has been played since the early days, and up until today, it was done without technology! Now, it’s something different. Back in the day it was called hustling. You know the game, we did whatever that we could both inside and outside of the box to get a customer faster than the competitor and treating them better than they could. We found every corner of guerilla marketing tactics and put them to use to make our business grow many times faster than our competitors!

Now, we call this approach “Growth Hacking”. The name sounds hip, so it’s awesome there. However, what does that mean? Now, with technology, it’s a game changer, or actually, I should say our lack of life outside of technology that has changed the game. We all spend more time on our devices than most people spend off of the device! Our phone, table, phablet, James Bond watch or glasses that will get you your constant digital fix is always on and always connected. This ends up being your first and final search for how you are going to spend your money. Yes, we are at that point!

Now, imagine that quaint little old restaurant up the road called “Old Fashioned Restaurant”. Well, they have decided that they did not need any sort of “growth hacking”, they always have had enough customers to do well with word of mouth. Now, a new restaurant comes to town, called “Today’s Old Fashioned Restaurant” and they decide to do some major “growth hacking”. They get an app, a website and social media accounts going all over and they are now connected to the customer base that has never been tapped outside of the yellow pages. They are now connected to clients where they live, online!

Now, the first restaurant starts to wonder what happened to the loyal customers, only to discover that the new restaurant ran a special on their app, website, and other social media accounts on a random day, and suddenly, people opened their minds to trying another place and all of the old regulars are now there as well.

Growth hacking is so much bigger than that one way, the next item to consider is A/B testing. Once you have your app on the market, your social media accounts are up, and you have a website, you need to start A/B testing.

What is A/B testing? It is basically a matter of finding out how to trigger your customer to do what you want them to do. Usually it is to make a purchase. The most basic method of this would be if you have a page selling a product, you have an article to make the sell, so for x number of page views, during the same time frame you have article A up. Then you put up article B for the same time frame and same page views and you find out which one got the most sells.  (And yes, there are better ways of doing this if you are so technically inclined) Now, you wonder what is article B, how do I get that? Of course your article A is the original article, and article B is one that you can write yourself in a new way that you would want to test, or you can go over to this Fiverr gig and there is someone (my wife and I) that does this for people. We will take the article you have and transform it into what we see should get you some more sells and you are only out $5. It might be an option for all of your products or pages on your site, this discovers what your customer really likes.

There are many more facets to growth hacking out there, follow us on Twitter to keep up!

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